Menü Bezárás

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of PécsBaranya, I would like to welcome you to this webpage.

Pécs is an open town today thanks to the traffic network and the EUmembership. Social and economic changes have brought significant transformation.

Ensuring stability were the SME sector and the colourful community life of the multi-ethnic population. This stability contributes to the fact that many company heads have permanently settled in our town since the arrival or market economy. Through the wide international relations of our chamber, we can convey the best practices to our members in order to develop their competitiveness and willingness to cooperate. Enjoying our members’ full confidence, these methods are readily accepted. Therefore the development, improved competitiveness and stabilized market positions of this circle is shown in numbers as well.

The implementation of our economic development strategy may be observed in the environmental industry (Pécs is soon to become the town of green energy), the health industry and the creative industries. The background for these lies in higher education and research. The cluster activities under the chamber’s organisation have contributed to the fact that creativity, innovation, specialised training have become everyday practice in cooperation.

Dr. Tamás Síkfői
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya