Production infrastructure

Pécs, as regional centre, now boasts all elements of modern production infrastructure.

Road network

As part of the V/C transport corridor, highway M6 between Budapest and Pécs links Baranya county directly with the Trans-European transport networks.

Baranya Megye infrastruktúrája

Distance to Liszt Ferenc International Airport: 250 km

Distance to the nearest Danube port (Mohács): 40 km

Distance to the capitals:

  • Budapest (H): 220 km
  • Zagreb (CRO): 235 km
  • Ljubljana (SLO) 310 km
  • Vienna (A) 450 km
  • Bratislava (SK) 310 km

Air traffic connections

The Pécs-Pogány Airport lies 9 kms south from the centre of Pécs, next to main road no. 58, 3 kms from highway M6 to Budapest and the Southern Industrial Park under construction. A four-lane road connects the airport and the town centre for fast transport. The public Pécs-Pogány Airport is granted the right to open borders. At present, it carries out general air traffic activities, such as sports aviation, training, receiving business charters and – primarily in summer – starting and receiving tourist charters.

The Liszt Ferenc International Airport lies 210 kks, the Osijek Airport lies 95 kms from Pécs.

Railway travel

Pécs is directly linked with Budapest with 9 Intercity trains a day.

Boat travel

The Danube, the greatest river of Europe, is the eastern border of Baranya county. The Mohács port is 40 kms from Pécs, and it is the border port of the European Union. It can be accessed from Pécs on highway M60. The port offers 2000 m2 of usable buildings and complete customs logistics.

Energy supply

Baranya county is directly connected to the greatest electricity producer in Hungary, the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, and the national transfer grid. The 400 kV system can serve the power needs of the entire region. The security of supply is further increased by the fact, that the system is connected to the network in Croatia as well, which allows for two-way transmission. The county gas network is directly connected to the South Plains’ gas producing and pooling system, from where the adequate amounts of energy reaches the region through the pipeline system. Supply to the area is safe, the only source of risk – depending on the level of safety reserves – is the suspension of international transmission. The use of renewable energy sources is widespread in the county. In addition to businesses that use solar and geothermal energy, the local governments of Bóly and Szentlőrinc also operate on geothermal energy. Pécs is the national centre of hydrogen fuel cell development, which is of European significance.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
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