Clusters in the region

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya has concluded cooperation agreements with 11 clusters in the South Transdanubian region in 2010. The main goal of this agreement was to start a synergic development work to strengthen the regional economy and innovation potential in a framework between the Chamber of Commerce and the clusters. The clusters, as representatives of the local economic cooperation, can access international visibility as well as training and business opportunities through European projects of the Chamber of Commerce. During the cooperation the economic utilization of the innovation results, a joint appearance and the development of exportability can be achieved. In the frame of international cooperation, local clusters have not only taken part in the developing work but have also signed international cooperation agreements.

Our Chamber has been involved in the formation and management of several clusters. The advantage of clustering is that with the companies’ ability they can increase their common competitiveness with cost reduction, by using their resources.

Companies are expanding their expertise through mutual exchange of experience, they build trust, and last but not least, working together results in greater lobby force and enforcement of interests.

Clusters Managed by the Chamber:

The South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster (SWHEC) is the largest cluster in the region, both in terms of turnover and the size of its members. It has been awarded by a title as accredited cluster in 2011 and is now counting on 30 member companies.

    • trainings, custom-tailored solutions in R&D engineering services, and laboratory experiments specified by customers
    • innovations services, trade developments, cluster-development and management
    • special alloy steels and tool materials trade, production and sale of mould bases, engineering and production of pre and further fabricated tool plates
    • planning, production and implementation of surface treatment plants, job shop, cataphoretic dip coating and electrostatic powder coating
    • manufacture of high quality, environmental eco stove, fireplace and firebox
    • design, manufacture, repair and installation of galvanizing- (electroplating), surface treating- and waste water treating equipment
    • gear manufacturing, producing geared parts and machining.

Construction Technology Cluster (CTC)

The Construction Technology Cluster (CTC) was founded on 21th March 2018 with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya with the cooperation of 15 general construction companies. Its purpose is to help construction companies actively participating in the region to demonstrate competitive high-quality services that are flexible and adapt to changing market demands.

The outstanding qualification of the companies participating in the Cluster, their active role in professional replenishment and professional innovation is exemplary. The combined sales revenue of the members exceeds HUF 6.2 billion and their specialist team has more than 300 members. The further aim of the Cluster is to provide full service to the investors.

The members of the Cluster also perform general-level tasks individually as well, but combined together, under a joint contract, they can work on bigger projects. The Cluster’s services ranges from project preparation, through design, to full-scale general construction.

The President of the Construction Technology Cluster is Gábor Molnár (IMG Építő Ltd.), the vice-presidents are: Csaba Magyari (MB Bau Ltd.), Csaba Nemes (Kőház Ltd.), István Schrempf (HVS-BAU Ltd.), the cluster manager is Sarolta Biró (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya).


In addition, the Chamber is a founding member of the

  • Creative Industry Cluster, a
  • Biotechnology Innovation Base Cluster, and
  • Also work closely with the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences and
  • It is a supporting member of the Information Management Innovation Cluster.


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