The Bóly Industrial Park has excellent facilities, it was given the industrial park title in 1998. Fully improved, it is an environmentally pristine area.

Attracting investors

  • Direct connection to highway M6,
  • 30 kms from the Pécs-Pogány International Airport,
  • 15 kms from the Mohács inner port,
  • Optical network,
  • 80 °C thermal water suitable for industrial use,
  • Management support services (bank, information, transport, technical service, financial, investment counselling),
  • Flexibility towards investors’ needs,
  • Cheap property prices, low rental costs,
  • Full infrastructure,
  • Skilled, multilingual workforce.

Incoming businesses: The industrial park features finished buildings and building lots at the investors’ disposal.

The industrial park is recruiting three kinds of businesses: local businesses, external investors from Hungary, foreign investors.

Main profiles: industry, services, trade, logistics.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
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