When setting up the first industrial areas, the Pécs Council regarded accessibility as the primary factor. This resulted in the formation of the eastern and the central industrial areas, the latter right in the heart of the town. The businesses located in the central industrial area are representatives of historical industries, with long traditions in the City: engineering, leather processing and mechanical industry. In the eastern part, with the closure of mining, formerly the primary employer in Pécs, and the complete recultivation of the area along with an extension to the south, the possibility of founding the Pécs Industrial Park was created. The local government made areas available for substantial greenfield investments with coherent area needs  with access to the national road network and adequate by all standards. Currently plots between 0,6-5,6 hectares are available.

Attracting investors

  • 2 kms from main road no. 6 between Pécs and Budapest,
  • 7kms from highway M60 between Pécs and Budapest,
  • 15 kms from the Pécs-Pogány International Airport,
  • Management support services (obtaining authorizations, exploiting tender possibilities).

Incoming businesses: The park offers plots to its future investors.

The industrial park is recruiting three kinds of businesses: local businesses, external investors from Hungary, foreign investors.

Main profiles

  • industry,
  • logistics,
  • trade.

Zsuzsanna Polics
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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
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