Hosszúhetény lies 16kms north-east from Pécs, on the southern slopes of the eastern Mecsek Mountains, at the foot of Zengő and Hármashegy, in picturesque surroundings. It is the largest village in Baranya county, with two small forest villages, Püspökszentlászló and Kisújbánya.

Administratively, it is directly adjacent to the county seat, Pécs, and the second largest town of the county, Komló. Previously, the area belonged to Komló subregion, but with the reorganization of the regional system in 2013, it is now part of the Pécs district.

Attracting investors

  • opportunities arising from the traffic on main road no. 6,
  • the village is part of a free enterprise zone, with several discounts and breaks available,
  • adequate infrastructure, established institutional network and all utilities provided.

Main profile

The areas for economic activities are situated along the western bypass road, between the village and the road. They are to be allocated in an environmentally friendly way that respects the natural surroundings.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
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Phone: +36 72 507 149

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