Sellye is the only town in the Ormánság region. The industrial park lies within the set limits of the industrial area, in the south-western part of the town. Its total area (including roads, etc.) is 20.43 hectares, 12.75 hectares of which is usable open space. 84% of the total area is owned by the Sellye Council.

Attracting investors

  • proximity of the Croatian border,
  • proximity of the Dráva river,
  • tax breaks depending on the number of employees,
  • flexible administrative procedures,
  • skilled and retrainable, cheap, creative workforce,
  • competitive property prices.

Incoming businesses: The industrial park provides opportunities for greenfield investments, on rented or purchased property, for incoming businesses.

The industrial park is recruiting three kinds of businesses: local businesses, external investors from Hungary, foreign investors.

Main profiles

  • logistics,
  • trade,
  • manufacturing.

Attila Nagy  – mayor of Sellye
Tel: +36 20 594 4666



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
H-7625 Pécs, Majorossy I. 36.
Phone: +36 72 507 149

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