The industrial park was founded in 1999 by the local government of Mohács in order to enhance the economic situation. This industrial park, operating in the Mohács Enterprise Zone, has an area of 166.9 hectares and around 30% of this is still land that has not yet been built on, owned by the local government. It boasts full infrastructure. The sewage-, water-, natural gas-, public lighting- and electric networks have all been installed, along with the transport infrastructure. Resulting from these, new sites have been erected. Thanks to the infrastructural development, expansion regionally and in the European Union is now possible for the entrepreneurs. The local government makes areas available for substantial greenfield investments with coherent area needs (7-11 hectares) with access to the national road network (highway M6), the river Danube and the railway network through an industrial line. New, production businesses come to our Incubation centre from Hungary and abroad alike, because initially their risks may be minimised here. The Incubation centre adds to the regional production capacities and helps in creating a new industrial infrastructure, strengthening the competitiveness of low capital SMEs of the region, and increasing the utilisation of the industrial park. The target group of the development is those low capital SMEs which require help to start, or maintain operations in suitable environment. The Incubation centre contributes to the establishment of their market stability and makes independent development in the future possible, hence becoming solid players in the economy.

Attracting investors

  • Proximity to the border facilitates international relations to Serbia, Croatia and the Balkans,
  • The river Danube brings access to substantial international water transport (cargo, passenger),
  • 7 kms from highway M6 between Pécs and Budapest,
  • 40 kms from the Pécs-Pogány International Airport,
  • Skilled, multilingual (German, English) and relatively cheap workforce.

The industrial park is recruiting three kinds of businesses: local businesses, external investors from Hungary, foreign investors.

Main profiles

  • service (logistics, trade, shipping)
  • food industry
  • textile industry
  • wood industry (furniture production, fibreboard production, joinery industry, timber production)
  • mechanical engineering (machine tool manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, etc.)
  • metal industry (metal structure production, light metal casting, metal processing, metal surface treatment, etc.)
  • construction
  • energy industry (electricity generation)

The main advantages of an industrial park

  • Schengen border point
  • Clear ownership, transparent rules and conditions
  • Land free from soil contamination
  • Properly developed industrial park infrastructure
  • Skilled workforce

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